Our 100th Blog Post!


The Back Forty has officially posted 100 blog posts!

To celebrate this occasion, here are our top ten performing posts of all time (as well as a few rising stars)! Check them out and pick your favorite.

  1. The Gift Inside My Fear
  2. I Am In Love with My Wrinkles
  3. Expert Tip #5: See Midlife Crises as opportunities
  4. The Real 12 Days of Christmas (Plus a Strange Family Tradition)
  5. Free Yourself from Your Past and Fulfill Your Future
  6. An Interview with Alexandra Levin
  7. 5 Myths about Sex During Midlife
  8. No More Little Miss “Good Girl”
  9. The Difference between Men and Women in Midlife
  10. This Midlife Crisis is Just a Game: Want to Play?

And here are our top 3 rising stars in the past two weeks:

  1. Going Gray? Here’s How To Do It With Style!
  2. Get Ready NOW to Fulfill on Your New Year Resolutions
  3. Expert Tip #6: Consider Your Purpose

We hope you enjoy these top posts of the past and we look forward to bringing you much more content in the future!

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